Friday, September 23, 2016

My Blast from the Past Fall Decorating Ideas

An advantage of blogging is that one can browse through seasonal
decorating ideas from the past.  I have albums full of pics from past
posts, some of which I have forgotten all about.  Since I am now in 
full fledged fall decorating mode, maybe you would like to browse 
through some of these old photos with me.

I hope this gives y'all some inspiration!  Have a wonderful first 
Fall weekend and go forth a decorate.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Day of Fall ~ But It's Still Hot Here

The calendar says it's fall, the temps here do not.  It's still hot
and sticky.  I'm trying to remember what fall was like up north,
because I am still wearing shorts and flip flops and spraying up
with bug repellent.  

I have been looking through my closet, going through my
fall wardrobe.  Lingering over the sweaters and the tartans and
my boots.  The fall clothing catalogs have been arriving.  If
I crank up the A/C and brew a pot of hot tea, I can just
imagine me wearing the cute sweaters and jackets I see.  

I changed my nail polish from the pinks and corals I wear
all summer, to a rich deep red, and switched my flip flops
from my white and pink ones, to a rich saddle leather style.
They are still flip flops, but the tanned leather has a rich warm
look about it.  

I have been longing to start cooking the comfort foods
of fall.  I can enjoy soup even in the summer, but hubby
only wants it when it's cool outside.  When the temps 
drop just 10 more degrees, I am getting out the slow
cooker and let the soups and stews begin!  Of course it will
still be hot outside, but I'll make it work :-)

I have been looking at the flannel pajamas too.  I love the Lanz brand that
Vermont Country Store carries.  Such a nice heavy weight, yet very soft
flannel.  So snuggly too.  Do you love PJ's as much as I do?

I must remember to pick up some more cinnamon spice candles this
weekend when I go shopping.  I long for that fragrance in our house.

So, happy first day of fall everyone.  I am celebrating despite the 
high temps.  At least now there is the knowledge that cooler days
will eventually be on their way!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

It's Hard to be a Childless Couple

Being a childless couple is not easy because most couples have
children.  As many of you already know, being childless was never
a choice for us, it has just been a heartache.  I never imagined
not having children after I married, but it's a reality I have had
to learn to accept.

But the fact is, the heartache of being childless never really leaves.
When we meet new couples, it's one of the first questions we are
asked.  When you tell them you do not have children, many look
at you as if you are some kind of a freak.

Sometimes people ask why, and that is awkward too.  I cannot
begin to count the number of times when I have said that we
were just not able to have any.  Most often people will let it go
at that, but there are some who will keep pressing to know all
the details.

One evening a woman who asked me why we didn't have children and
when I told her it wasn't our choice, but we were unable, she just kept
asking why we could not and why didn't we adopt and every time I 
thought I had sufficiently responded to her question, she just refused to
let the conversation drop.  I was so uncomfortable at that point I was
near tears and wanted so badly to leave so that I would not embarrass

I think it's harder for a woman to be childless than it is for a man.
When couples gather, the men will often discuss politics or golf
or their jobs.  The women talk about the kids.  I understand that.
If we had children, I would discuss them too, but when I am with
a group of women who are discussing their kids, I have nothing to
contribute and I lose interest in being with them.

The situation never changes because even after the kids have grown up
and marry, the parents then begin to discuss the grand kids.

We know one couple in town who are closest to our situation.  The
husband had a previous marriage and a child from that marriage,
but he and his current wife have none.  Whenever we are at a party
and this couple is present,  I tend to gravitate to them.  It's just easier.

Every once in a while I meet a childless couple who have made
the conscious choice to not have any kids.  We knew one such
couple back in Idaho and it was so much easier to do things with
them and the wife and I always had so much conversation to share.

I am not telling you this in hopes that you will feel sorry for me.
It is just my intention to say that if you meet or know a childless
couple, please be easy on them.  Try to understand that women
like me have spent many hours in private in tears and sorrow.
Our nests will be forever empty, but we still desire to have

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Back Home Again

We are back home after a long weekend having fun in both Austin
and Houston.  We spent a couple of days at Barton Creek Resort,
our favorite place in Austin.  We stay at Omni Hotels so often that
we get upgraded rooms now and this time we enjoyed a really
beautiful and grand suite overlooking the hills of Austin.  Bentley
loved it too because there was lots of room for him to run around,
 toss his favorite little stuffed elephant, and chase after it.

We had some great meals too.  Austin is such a foodie town and
we are chipping away at our list of spots to try.  On Saturday night, we
went to Matt's Famous El Rancho.  This place was referred to us by
one of David's golf partners who lives in New Orleans, but visits 
Austin often.  We had great Margaritas from fresh lime juice (not
from a mix) and the best chicken mole I have ever eaten.  The restaurant
has been operating since 1952.  You can read about it's history HERE.

After our fun stay in Austin, we packed up the Yukon and headed to
Houston.  David was playing in a golf tournament there.  It's always fun
for us to visit Houston because that is where we met and have lots of
happy memories.  We had a suite at the Omni there too and I felt
pampered once again.  

Every time we go to Houston, I start to think that we should get
a little condo West University.  I get so nostalgic.  What I really wish
is that my old apartment complex on Memorial Drive would go condo.
I had the most adorable apartment there in this New Orleans styled
complex in this lush treed spot on Memorial Drive.  My apartment had
long Southern Colonial windows like my current house does and a 
charming front porch too.  HERE is a picture from their website.
My apartment was on the first floor in the building on the left.
My next door neighbor Connie and I used to take long walks on
Memorial Drive with our dogs after dinner each night.  Ah, great
memories!  I moved from there to Virgina when David and I got

So here we are, back home once again.  I am finishing up a pile
of laundry from our trip.  It's back to daily workouts and a healthy
diet after all the excess of vacation.  It's fun to get away, but also
feels good to get back into the routine at home.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, September 15, 2016

When the Guernsey Met the Spoon Rest

You are probably thinking to yourself ~ what on earth does this
blog post title mean???

Well, it all started out like this ....  years ago, my Mom gave me this little
spoon rest and said to me, whenever you use this, think of me.

Mom died a couple of years ago, as you know, so this little spoon rest
is especially important to me.  Somehow it seemed a bit lonely in the
kitchen since it really didn't match anything, so I decided to find a 
friend for my spoon rest.   

So, I started hunting around and in my hunt, I went to visit 
Nancy's Daily Dish and then followed the link to her transferware
shop.  It was there that I found this Guernsey butter dish.  There were
some other butter tubs that I considered, but I fell in love with this
cute little Guernsey and knew she had to come live with us.

I think they look just perfect together.  Don't you?

PS:  Nancy is just a doll and she wrapped this butter dish up so
securely and mailed it so quickly.  She is a pleasure to work with
and she has so many pretty things in her shop!  Oh, and I 
decided to name the cow "Maisie".  I think it is the perfect
name for her.  I hope she is content in her new home.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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