Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crushing on a Dollhouse ~ Part One

I remember the first time I saw Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle at the 
Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  I was a little girl and it was
the first time I ever saw anything so magical.  That is a story for another
post.  Now I want to give you a little tour of another dollhouse that is
another place of magical perfection.

Kathleen's dollhouse.  Kathleen Holmes is a Facebook friend of mine.
She is the owner and designer of wonderful dollhouses and dollhouse
miniatures.  Every detail is so perfect, so realistic, you feel as though
you have been transformed into a little fairy.  At least that is how I feel.
I have often told Kathleen that I wish I could have one of Alice's 
"eat me" pills that would shrink me down to the perfect size to fit into
Kathleen's house.  

Let's begin.  Just imagine that we have pulled up in this lovely
vintage auto.  Here we are in the drive and about to walk through
the gate.

Looks like someone is delivering groceries, anticipating our arrival no doubt.
We are expected, so it's okay to open the gate and walk up the path.

A bird bath, coneflowers, a succulent, potted rose and hydrangea too.  
Someone left their sandals on the first step.  They look like hurraches don't 
you think?

Such a charming front porch.  Look ~ isn't that a humming bird on the feeder?
I would love to hang out here for a while, but we have a lot to see, so
let's stop back here later.

Of course since we are in a magical place, we can twitch our noses and 
instantly change the season to fall.  The leaves are changing.  Mums
are planted around the base of the tree.  Pumpkins are flanking the front door.
Isn't this exciting?  I love looking at houses.  Don't you?

Some wonderful aroma is coming from the kitchen.  Let's go
see what's cooking in here.   It really looks like a granny's kitchen
 with it's vintage Roper stove and old ice box.  I am loving that old
sink too. What a beauty!  Do you see that hoosier with all the lovely
salt glazed crocks on top?  

I don't know about you, but this kitchen makes me feel more
like family than an invited guest.  So ….

Let's grab an apron and get busy.  Who wants to roll out some pie dough?

Now that the pie is in the oven, let's do some more exploring.

Come with me and let me show you the living room.  Isn't it cozy?

Let's just imagine how it will look when it is decorated for Christmas.
Little reindeer on the mantel.  The stockings are hung.  Christmas cards
are strung.  How about a cup of hot chocolate?

There has been a lot of Christmas card addressing going on here.
Look's like a package is ready to be mailed too.
A brown paper package all tied up with string ~ just like the song,
 it's one of my favorite things!

And here it is on Christmas Eve.  The fire is aglow.  Presents are
under the tree.  Milk and cookies for Santa.  

Let's not forget the dining room.  Fully decorated for Thanksgiving
thanks to magical fairy dust and the wonders of Kathleen's decorating talent.
This is fit for a blog post on Tablescape Thursday!  I wonder, I will have
to check with Susan to see if dollhouse tablescapes count ;-)

Here is the kitchen before the dinner.  The turkey is ready for the oven.  
Yams ready to be peeled.  Celery, onions, carrots and cornbread all
set to prepare the stuffing.  Since this is an old fashioned kitchen there is no
dishwasher.  Lot's of hand washing.  Someone has already started
washing up because the dish drainer is full.

I imagine that many of the vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner came from 
Kathleen's own garden.  She is such a talented gardener too!  

Watch out for that snake!  It was probably enjoying an afternoon sunbath
until we disturbed him.  Lets hope he slithers off soon.  I'll have to
suggest to Kathleen that she put some mothballs around her garden
because thats what we do down here in Texas to keep the snakes
away.  Trust me ~ down here in Texas we know about snakes.

I know you want to see the upstairs.  I will show you around.  Here is the
master bedroom complete with fourposter bed, handmade quilt and a crochet
afghan.  See the pup lounging at the foot of the bed?  Bentley loves to 
do that on our bed at home.  Dogs are just the same everywhere ~ even
the ones who live in dollhouses.

Did you notice that breakfast tray?  Lots of pampering going on
in this house :-)

Come follow me down the hall.  There is a charming nursery too!

And a sweet bath with vintage honeycomb tile floor and pedestal 
sink.  I like the wallpaper too.  For some reason I really like 
wallpaper in a bathroom.

Let's take another peak at the master.  Looks like an Aubusson 
rug on the floor.  Pretty.  I like the simple tie backs with the
ball fringe edge.  Takes me back to a simpler time.

The attention to detail is truly amazing!

Just one more moment on the porch before we leave.
Blissful, don't you agree?  I wish we could stay longer, but we 
cannot over extend our welcome.  Kathleen has a very busy 
schedule because she is moving!  That's right.  The family has
outgrown this home and the movers are starting to pack it up
to move into an even grander space, if you can imagine that!

See, the truck is already here and the packing has begun.  
No worries though.  I have more surprises in store for you
because tomorrow we will start touring the new dollhouse.
Prepare yourself to be blown away!  

Thank you Kathleen, for letting me show your magical
creations to all of my blog friends.  Your special dollhouse
has provided me with hours of enjoyment and I could not
wait to share it with everyone.  See you tomorrow when
the tour resumes.

I am showing off Kathleen's dollhouse to my
friends Paula and Patti too, so please visit:

Bentley ~ did you see that cute little dog on the bed
in the master bedroom?  Yes it's true, you curl up
on your mama and daddy's bed just the same way.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Early Morning in My Kitchen

The early morning hours in my kitchen.  David has already left for
the office.  It's very quiet.  The morning light is just beginning to filter
in through the windows, yet the kitchen is still dark.

 Little lamps are turned on to guide our way.  No big bright overhead lights now.
We are just easing into the day.

The soft glow of lamp light shining on the roos.
Daylight beginning to peek through the window over the sink.

My first cup of tea is brewing and a lemon is ready to slice.
Hot tea is a gentle way to start the day.  Coffee can come later.

Familiar and favorite things nearby

Heading out to the back hall.  Reaching for the leash I keep in
the basket.  Bentley and I will be going walkies soon.

Another roo to great us.

I can hear the school bus making it's first run to pick up the 
kids going to St Joe's.  Soon everyone will be out and about.

But until that happens, Bentley and I will treasure these quiet early
morning hours.

Have a wonderful and happy day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tweaking My Studio Shelves

I did a little tweaking in my studio recently.  This spot serves as a multi
functional space for me.  It is where I write my blog posts.  Where I work
on sewing, quilting and craft projects.  It is where my sketch books and
 pencils are stored.   But it is also where ….

I feel most inspired to be creative.  In part, this inspiration comes from being 
surrounded by things that have a special meaning for me.   For example,
 see those mugs hanging from hooks?  Mom and Daddy bought those mugs
for my Grandmother when the three of us took a trip to England and Scotland
together.  Grandma was too feeble to come along, so we made a point of 
getting things for her we knew she would love.  Grandma, Mom and Daddy 
are all gone now, but I smile every time I see these mugs hanging from the 
shelf.  See that little bird on the left?  That belonged to her too.  She used to
fill it with dried lavender and hang it in her bedroom closet.

A small stash of fabrics, trims and burlap.  A basket filled with cotton yarn in case
I become inspired to crochet something.  I will admit ~ I am not very skilled at 
crochet ~ but I would like to be!  Both my grandmothers were very skilled so I am
hoping those good genes were  passed on to me somehow.

That very, very vintage platter belonged to my great grandmother.  Her name 
was Emma.  I never knew her, but I have heard wonderful stories about her.

I do love decorative painting so I always keep an assortment of craft paints
in my old tool box.  There are some water colors too.  I always keep floral wire.
Really comes in handy for so many projects and tin snips too.   I always
seem to be misplacing that floral wire so I keep a spool of it in my kitchen
"junk" drawer too.  If I were ever to appear of the show "Survivor" ~ I 
would be the one with the floral wire.

These pastels can be used wet or dry.  The little box this basket of 
pastels is sitting on is full of felt scraps.  There for a while I was 
obsessed with felt.  You never know, could happen again.

Trims, ribbons, twine and more paints.  I always seem to be finding
cream pitchers or sugar bowls I can't pass up at thrift shops.  Turns out
they make good little storage containers.

Dollhouse wallpaper rolled up in the corner.  Another necessary item :-)

Colored pencils and a basket of an assortment of glue.  
Some books and journals.  Can't live without those.

So there it is.  Neat and tidy ~ well at least for now it is.

Thanks for stopping by to see my shelf tweaking!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mayberry Moments ~ The Porch Swing

During our Mayberry Moments ~ enjoying the porch swing is always
encouraged.  A porch swing is the perfect spot to share stories and
giggles and happy times.  We can swing our cares away!

Don't forget to click the show below to put you in the moment.

Rocking in the porch rocker is encouraged too.  However, we have to
finish all our chores before we allow ourselves the pleasure.
Case in point ~ Grandma's old rocker needs a bit of sanding and
a fresh coat of paint!  

And there is some potting, plant care and weeding to do too.

Once all the chores are done, some sweet tea is just what we will
need ...

And we can all have a good chat while lounging away on the
porch swing.

Have a wonderful Saturday dear friends!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Friday, October 17, 2014

Unexpected Insurance Salesman ;-)

I was out on the back porch sweeping and watering the plants
when this guy shows up.

These guys sure are persistent ;-)
He took scurried off when I told him that Bentley was
on his way out!

Happy Friday everyone!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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